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ACS 2009, The Tour, The Conference, The Competition, The Fun!

The American Cheese Society 2009 conference is now over, but it will be remembered around here forever! Pure Luck’s display at the Whole Foods flagship store in Austin, TX The American Cheese Society conference started long before Wednesday morning for us at Pure Luck. We were hard at work preparing to be hosts for our […]

American Cheese Society Comes to Austin: Cheese in the Heart of Texas

This year’s annual American Cheese Society conference is coming to Texas for the first time! It will be held from August 5th through the 9th at the Hilton Downtown. Each year this conference brings together cheesemakers, cheese enthusiasts, food writers, and retailers to meet about the thing they love most…cheese! With classes like “Politics of […]

Pure Luck Mentioned in SAVEUR Magazine!

Our Ste. Maure was one of the lucky Texas cheeses to be mentioned in the Texas edition of SAVEUR Magazine! In the June/July 2009 issue, there is a giant article called Twenty-Four Reasons Why We Love Texas. Number 6 is Cheese Revolution. …Creamy and slightly ripened, this French-style goat cheese has a tang that evokes […]

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