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Pure Luck Makes a Donation to Heifer International

Giving the gift of milk through www.heifer.org. Pure Luck gives the gift of a Milk Menagerie!

“Milk Menagerie

Milk Makes a Meaningful Gift
The gift of a Milk Menagerie represents a quality-breed heifer, two goats and a water buffalo – four milk-producing animals for hardworking families hoping to provide a better life for their children.

With training for recipient families, each animal in the Menagerie will produce gallon after gallon of wonderful, life-sustaining milk.

And as the families pass on the gift of offspring to neighbors in need, over time a Milk Menagerie will end hunger and despair one child, one family and one village at a time.”

Pure Luck Tours California Dairies!

After Thanksgiving, Amelia, Gitana, and I (with all the kids in tow) went to visit some of the wonderful dairies and cheese makers in California.

First stop… Harley Farms in Pescadero, CA. We arrived at Harley Farms and enjoyed a tour that took us out to the pasture with the goats, through the milking parlor, across the garden, into the cheese plant, and up to the tasting room. The place was beautiful! I think my favorite part was the enormous handmade wooden table and chairs in the tasting room. Thank you Dee, it was a pleasure!

Later that night in San Francisco, I got to visit one of my favorite people of the cheese world. Gordon Edgar is the cheese buyer for Rainbow Grocery, a worker owned co-op. He has a great cheese department over there and really knows his stuff. You can follow his blog at www.gordonzola.net. Also, keep an eye out for his book Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge. Great to see you, Gordon!

Gordon Edgar at Rainbow Grocery

After San Francisco, we went out to Sonoma. There we saw one of my other favorite cheeseheads, Sheana Davis of The Epicurean Connection and creator of the cheese Delice de la Vallee. It was awesome to see Sheana’s new storefront where she features cheeses, sweets, maple syrup, and I hear she cooks up some wicked waffles too! We are thrilled to have someone like Sheana as a friend.

The next place we visited was Redwood Hill Farm in Sonoma County, CA. Amelia got a great tour of the cheeseplant facility, and then we all got to go to the farm where their herd is kept. We really like how these guys raise their goats, they have some of the best Alpines I have ever seen. There is a reason this is the place we get our bucks from. Thanks, Jennifer and Scot, it was a real joy to see where our main man Fabuloso came from.

For a little diversity from the cheeses, Amelia and I hit up a brewery in Santa Rosa later that night. We went to Russian River Brewing Company and enjoyed some of their tasty offerings. Everybody needs a little Salvation from time to time.

Next, we stopped into Marin French Cheese Company and watched them make some lovely cheeses. I was amazed that even though they were producing a very large amount of cheese, everything was still all done by hand. Right down to the wrapping and labeling. It was a sight to see!

Marin French Cheese Company

Last but not least, Amelia went up to Point Reyes Station and visited Cowgirl Creamery She said it was fabulous watching them make their Red Hawk cheese!

Thanks for having us California…now we have to get back to work!

Fall Workshops Over, A Complete Success!

We would like to thank everyone that joined us for our fall workshops this year. We really enjoyed meeting you all, and sharing our knowledge of cheesemaking with you. For anyone else interested in attending a workshop, the next one will either be next spring or next fall. The dates are currently undetermined, but please feel free to email workshop@purelucktexas.com to be put on a notification list when the dates are set!

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