Coming Soon – Spring 2015

Coming Soon – Spring 2015
Pure Luck School House
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What you have to look forward to:

Have you ever wondered what dairy goats do in their spare time? Why do they seem to be chewing all the time? Do they really eat tin cans? Come visit with the milking herd, see the next group of up and coming young kids, and don’t forget the bucks and the retired does. You’ll have a chance to try your hand at milking a goat, and wrap up with a cheese tasting

From straight up cheese tastings, to fun pairings, the new tasting room will be a great way to experience some flavors you may not have ever tried before.

Our workshops have been a long running favorite. During the workshop we make fresh chevre, feta, ricotta, yogurt, an butter. The workshop is two full days of cheesemaking and fun over Saturday and Sunday. Topics covered are goat milking and milk handling, goat husbandry, cheese making, culturing, and renneting.

One day cheesemaking classes – Let’s make Feta! Each participant will make feta cheese and take it home with them at the end of the day. Topics covered are milk quality, cheese making, culturing, renneting.

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