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The Kids Have Arrived!

We have been especially busy around here since the turn of the new year. The goat kids have been ariving almost daily, and my are they cute! Here’s some pictures of one of our newest arrivals. She is named Benita, because she was born on my birthday! Claire and Benita If you have been wondering […]

Thanks for your orders! and Happy Holidays!

Thank you for all of your holiday orders! We are currently working very hard to fulfill these orders, then the goats will be taking a short holiday vacation, and so will we! Online ordering is currently disabled. You can expect the online ordering to be back shortly after the holidays. Thanks! We hope everyone has […]

Online Shopping Now Available!

We have opened our online shopping experience just in time for the holidays! If you are interested in buying some cheese baskets for yourself or as gifts for others, check out our “Buy Cheese Online” page for details.

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